Monday, March 14, 2011

Black Hawk Down (1:2)

1:2 ( Black Hawk Down)
Every so often, we walk into the world Monday morning with our schedules ready, our To-Do list handy and our cup of coffee in hand. Our week is starting and we are prepped and ready to go. And every so often just as we step through the threshold of the day the world smacks us in the back of our head, spits in our coffee, rips up our To-Do lists and throws our schedules into the mud. Last week was just one of those weeks.
1 : 2 ( Black Hawk Down)
I hope you'll excuse my sudden absence as I just couldn't catch a break last week. By lunch time on Monday of last week I knew it was simply not going to be an easy week. March is always the busiest season at my job, but every year it seems I am just never ready for the craziness. Instead of fighting my way through the storm, I decided to just hold on and ride it out. By Tuesday afternoon I had cancelled all of my week's plans leaving nothing but work for me. I didn't bother with putting much effort into getting dressed for work, and my makeup routine consisted of extra lotion each morning. Instead of getting dressed up for the office, I was dressing down to get ready for battle.
1 : 2 ( Black Hawk Down)
By Friday evening, after 4, 13 hour days I was exhausted and looking forward to the weekend. Johnny and I decided to get away on Saturday and spent the weekend relaxing and recharging our batteries but not before getting to bed by 8:30pm on Friday night. Now feeling well rested and ready to face the world again, It felt good to wake up and slip back into a normal routine this morning. Normal clothes, Normal Make-up and this week's Shoe the perfect Gray Wedges. Oh life after the storm is always so sweet.
1 : 2 ( Black Hawk Down)


Eva said...

i've never craved wedge shoes before, but lately I have been. They're like the beneftis of heels without the discomfort, no?

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