Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rockabilly Blue ( 1:2 )

Rockabilly Blue (1:2)
I was smart in choosing my last apartment, and made sure to find the perfect place in a perfect location. It was located right off the highway so I was central to most everything. When I lived there, there was a time in which I would pop into a different store every night on my way home from work, and sort through as many sales racks as I could before heading home for the evening. With so many great stores located so close to me, I knew I needed to narrow my focus a bit or I would soon suffocate under clothes and debt. To solve that problem, before I would shop each night, I would develop a plan. For a few weeks the plan was skirts shopping only, or shoes only and so on. When Johnny and I moved, I found that there were no longer any stores located between work and my home, and on most days I just don't have the energy to drive out of my way to shop for things that I know I don't need. At first, I was hopeful that the distance itself would help curb my spending and now months later, even when passing a store becomes convenient I often just don't feel that same desire to stop in. I no-longer have to make it a point not to shop, I just don't miss it like I used to. Could this be a sign of Shopping Maturity? Am I embarking into a new phase of Shopping Understanding?
Rockabilly Blue (1:2)
Occasionally after an extra hard week at work, I like to treat myself with a trip to my favorite store. With these trips becoming fewer and farther between they are starting to feel extra special now. What used to result in arms full of bags now usually ends with no purchases. I've learned that it's the act of shopping that I enjoy and sometimes the time spent sorting through racks is all it takes to help me unwind. A few weeks ago, when I slipped into my local off Price Retail Store, Peter Harris I was in search of a few moments of window shopping, and not a few moments of purchasing like the days of old. When I spotted this pair of bright blue Corduroy Pants I was inexplicably smitten. My Spring wardrobe wish list is full of Neutral items, and I haven't desired Corduroy since the 4th grade. Even still, I couldn't resist slipping these on. Never mind these pants are from Delia's, and you all know my pre-conceived notions on Delia's, these pants are amazing. They fit like Skinny Jeans, they are comfortable like Leggings and they are the most amazing shade of blue. Have I mentioned how much I adore Off Price Retail Stores and their Pricing before? These wonders were marked $40 with the Delia's tag, and marked $12.99 with the Peter Harris tag. One great sale later and I got these for $4.
Rockabilly Blue (1:2)
Did I mention that I also bought these in a striking purple and yellow shade as well? They had them in a lavender but sadly not in my size. (I searched through all 15 racks just to be sure...) Really though? Purchasing 3 pairs of pants, when A. I wasn't planning on making any purchases, B. These were not on any of my Shopping lists, Wish lists or otherwise and C. They are bright Blue, bright Purple and bright Yellow. I spent the car ride home from the store contemplating the purchases. Maybe I should have felt guilty, or felt like I fell out of my Shopping Understanding Phase. Instead, I felt empowered. Instead of making impulsive decisions because I felt like shopping, I took the time to make sure I was leaving with something I really loved. I have no idea how many outfits I'll get out of these 3 pairs of pants. I could wear these pants once, or once a month for the rest of my life. That day I spent $12 plus tax, and what I left with was 3 pairs of brightly colored corduroy pants, and peace of mind. You may be able to put a price tag on a great shopping find, but you really can't on a new shopping mindset.
Rockabilly Blue (1:2)


Mary Nevin said...

you look stunning!! yay for shopping evolution :)

Vicki said...

love the wedge heels!! :) x