About Me

I feel compelled to start my little life story, by saying that I am an average woman, but does the average woman spend her down time organizing future outfits in her head? Does the average woman count her pennies and spend hours sorting through clothing racks? Does the average woman check out every woman she comes across for potential outfit ideas? If the answer is yes, than I am your average woman. An average woman, with an average paycheck trying to sort through life's not so average Sequin Issues.

My current guilty fashion pleasure is Glee. At first I was hooked because of the songs, but soon the fashion had me coming back for more. Shortly I'll be catching up on my DVR'd episodes of Gossip Girl and that will replace my Glee craze, but for now I look forward each week to singing along with my favorite fashionable kids!

Most of my Inspiration_______ comes from Real Life woman. One of the reasons I love blogging, is because of all of the blogs I've come across! Whenever I'm surfing the web I always keep a pen and pad ready so I can jot down any sudden ideas.

The most fashionable lady I know is my mom. Doesn't everyone say that? It's true though! I got all of my thrifting genes from my mother.After years of seeing her search the racks only to come up with some amazing items, I'm trying my hand at the family dressing genes. 

The most fashionable lady I wish I knew is  Rachel Zoe. While I wouldn't want to trade clothing options with Rachel Zoe, I would want to sit down and get some tips! Her book ( Style from A to Zoe) was the first book I  read that made me feel like we all have style! She has a great mind for fashion, and for making every woman feel stylish. 

My biggest fashion secret is that I keep a hand drawn outfit inventory. It actually isn't a secret as I've shared it on the blog once or twice, but I draw up little images of future outfits! My drawing skills are close to none so I keep pages of little naked female figures next to the couch. I can color in the lines! Whenever my fingers are feeling itchy I get out my Crayola counterparts and sketch away! All of the little ( now dressed) ladies are filed in a binder I keep near my closet. Than when I'm feeling un-inspired in the morning I can flip through the images and pick a look! 

If you have any questions, or if there is anything you would like to know more about, feel free to email me! I always love hearing from friends!