Wednesday, March 09, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways (Gray Wedges)

1 Pair: 2 Ways Gray Wedges

Forever 21 Gray Wedges
Winter 2011

1:2 Gray Wedges
Is there anything sexier than a simple wedge? This year, in loo of cash my bosses decided to surprise us with Gift Cards to our favorite retail locations for Holiday Bonuses. I have never been so excited to open a letter from work. When I spotted these on the Forever 21 website this past January, I knew exactly what it was I wanted to spend my Christmas Bonus on. I had been stalking a pair of Gray Wedges from Target for weeks waiting for my size to come back in stock. With gift card in hand, I was ready to make the switch and commit to these beauties from Forever 21 instead. Sure these lovelies are about 2 inches higher, but that's what makes them sexy right?? Merry Christmas to Me!
1:2 Gray Wedges

1:2 Gray Wedges

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jasmine said...

i love those! they're adorable. i have a similar pair in red. wedges are my favorite. so comfortable and easy to wear.