Shopping Terms

I love to find new clothing items in every possible way! Below please find a full list of Shopping Related Terms that I often reference. 

Second Hand or Consignment shop* are stores that offer used goods at a lower cost than new. These stores are sometimes individually owned and will occasionally also purchase used goods for resale. ( Plato's Closet, Beacon Closet, Something Old Something New)

Thrift or Charity shops* are a type of social enterprise. They usually sell mainly second-hand goods donated by members of the public. ( Goodwill or Salvation Army)

Off-price Retail Stores* sell their product for less than department and specialty stores - often with the exact same product, exact same brands, styles, and color ways during the current season. ( Marshall's, TJ Maxx or Peter Harris)

Retail or Department Stores* consists of the sale of goods or merchandise from a fixed location such as a department store, boutique or kiosk or by mail, in small of individual lots for direct consumption by the purchaser.

Hand-me-Ups are my personal favorite form of new clothes. These are items of clothing that comes from family and friends and are often dropped off in a large garbage bag. 

* Definitions were found via Wikipedia and Google **