Friday, December 03, 2010

Fresh Radiant Skin

Johnny and I are off this weekend for a relaxing weekend in the city. I'm currently reading ' The Carrie Diaries ' so the timing couldn't be any better! I'm excited to have Michelle, my friend from Fresh Radiant Skin here to leave you with a guest post for the weekend. Be sure and stop by her blog, the advice couldn't get any better. Thanks again Michelle!

Complimenting Your Skin Tone With Your Wardrobe Colors

I’m not a shoe person. Go figure. All women are into shoes right?

Not this gal. Sure, I love fashion. Just not everything under the sun.

Blouses, pants, dresses, sweaters, jewelry, purses and Skin Care - Those are the loves of my life (besides God, the husband and kids of course)

Your inner diva is released when you have radiant skin. That’s my motto for Blended Naturals, a handcrafted line of ethnic cosmetics.

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Skin care is where my knowledge base lies so why is Kayla allowing me to guest post here on Internal Sequin Issues where she shares all sorts of cool knowledge on shoes and other fashion like her Internal Style Check-up?

Well, for one the love of skin care and clothing/shoe style aren’t that completely different. They both fall under the heading of beauty and fashion so let’s tie the two together.

Let’s take a look at how you can tie in your daily skin care routine with your fashion sense.

First Things First

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Before you can even begin to adorn your body with fancy clothes and shoes, you have to make sure your skin is healthy and radiant. What good is it to have on a gorgeous dress with accessories to match when the first thing people see (your face) is less than radiant?

So, we start with your skin type. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is my skin oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of each?

2. Does my skin easily react by breaking out after coming in contact with certain ingredients?

3. Does my skin change with the seasons?

Once you've answered these questions, you can make sure you have the appropriate skin care products (face and body) necessary for maintaining your skin's health.

Colors, Complexion and Complimenting

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Now that your skin is on its way to becoming healthy and radiant, let's talk fashion – specifically colors and which ones work for your skin tone.

The colors you wear should compliment your complexion. For example, women with fair skin (cool skin tones) should steer clear of pastels such as yellow. Fair colors tend to blend in with fair skin tones.

Women with warm skin tones look great in colors like bronze, eggplant and the like. These colors compliment the complexion.

Darker complexioned women are complimented with colors like olive or cool pastels. It depends on your skin's undertones.

Some skin tones have pinkish undertones while others have yellowish undertones. The colors you decide to fill your wardrobe with should be complimentary to your skin tone.

The same goes for make-up and shoes! Discover more on the colors that compliment your warm or cool skin tone here.

About the Author: Michelle Howard helps women of color to maintain radiant skin with her informative articles and Radiant Skin Newsletter. Sign Up to receive her newsletter today and receive a copy of her Basically Beautiful Tips Guide.

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