Friday, November 05, 2010

Internal Style Check Up

This feature is open to all! I encourage anyone who is interested to also post the survey with your answers on your blog. If you do, I would love to be sent a link in the comment section so I can see your responses. This winter I pledge to Eat Better, Feel Better and Live Better! These are the same 5 questions for answering each week and will be Featured each Friday.

1. I'm most proud of myself for ______________ last week. Not loosing my mind! This was a very rough week. Even typing that seems like an understatement. I just couldn't seem to catch a break anywhere. Instead of locking myself in my room or claming up and making my self even sicker however, I just dug my feet into the ground and faced the storm head on. I'm hoping this weekend will be a bit sweeter to me, and I'll have some time to heal the bruises left behind from this horrible week.

2. The best thing to come out of my oven last week was ____________. Turkey Burgers! Johnny and I are quickly finding these to be a simple healthy meal. I like to keep 2 burgers wrapped together in the freezer. On mornings when I know we'll need a good meal, I can leave them in the fridge to thaw. 10 minutes on the Panenni(?) Maker later that evening and paired with a Deli Flat we have a delicious, warm, healthy meal!

3. I sweat the most last week when I ___________. It was Zumba again for me this week, although I'm afraid to admit that it's only because I never got on my Wii Fit. Last weekend I was sick and so come Monday I was still feeling exhausted and worse for wear. More importantly my body ached until about Wed and I just didn't have the motivation to do some Yoga. I bet that if I had, maybe my body would have felt better sooner, but it's hard to come to that conclusion when your sides feel sore, your head is throbbing and there is a 16 and Pregnant marathon going on.

4. One thing I did for myself last week was ____________. On a surge of energy this week, I re-arranged our entire guest bedroom. This room has two purposes though, as it also serves as my Dressing Room ( read: my closet takes up an entire room). I liked the room before, but I had a feeling that if I moved some of the items around, I may like it even more. The room feels more open, and with it I feel more organized. A few pictures are still left waiting to be hung, but I feel like I can check that room of of my To-Decorate list.

5. The nicest Compliment I received or gave last week was _____________. Last weekend, as a Christmas gift( from 2009) my sister and I met our Aunts and Cousin, and we spent an afternoon a Sephora. We got our make-up done by the Bobbi Brown rep and walked around trying out the different make-up and giving each other advice. It was a great morning of giving complimenting to each other on looks, and options, as well as getting tips and receiving compliments. It was a great girl activity, and it was full of feel good conversation.

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