Monday, December 06, 2010

Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

I loved everything about this outfit. It was comfortable, it was warm and I spent all day feeling Chic. I love the detailing on this Forever 21 Cardigan. I adore the ruffles on my White Old Navy Top, and I love any opportunity to wear my favorite Frye Boots. This look was a win. The photos however, were not so. I got home and uploaded them to find them all out of focus. Those that were in focus were so dark that when I attempted to adjust the lighting, I would be making the images fuzzy. I hung my head in disappointment and left these photos on a file in the back of my computer. Each week I check the weekly Friend Friday Questions. Often times I answer them in my head, but rarely get to post my thoughts here. Last week's questions however hit a little closer to home. This one in particular...

Have you experienced Blogger burnout yet? How have you dealt with that?

While I wouldn't declare myself to have Blogger Burnout, I would say that the symptoms of Blogger Burnout seem to be coming at me harder and faster each week. I love reading blogs, and am constantly finding inspiration from my Online Blogging Friends. I can't imagine not being a faithful Blog Reader, but I am finding it more and more difficult to put together interesting posts. The pressure a blogger puts on themselves can be insurmountable at times. I have never received a negative comment or email that would make me feel as though my little piece of Internet is sub-par. It's not my amazing readers that make me feel the pressure, it's my inability to sit back and enjoy this process of growth. Isn't it funny that in one breathe you can feel as though you aren't contributing anything worthwhile to the Blogging world, and in the next breathe feel as though if you weren't blogging, than your thoughts would no longer be important. I think with so many other bloggers in the world, it's easy to compare yourself. (I wish my pictures looked that good, My blog would be better if I was that funny, Sponsors would be interested in me if I had time to dedicate like that amazing blogger.) It is often too easy in this world to spot the differences ( She is so much tinier than I am! That shirt looks way better on her than me) instead of focusing on the similarities ( We have the same shirt! What a great new way to wear it).

I sometimes find myself spending more time focusing on how to make my blog different, and not enough time focusing on the things that I already love about posting. I started this little project as a fun way to get my fashion thoughts off my chest, and it is my responsibility to never loose sight of my original goals. Instead of thinking about the pressure I put on myself, I hope in the new year to be better able to enjoy this project. I may need to change my format, cut my face out of all pictures to save time, switch to once a week posts or declare this site to be shopping free. I don't know what new elements I will add or try, and I'm not sure what will be the best expression for me just yet. Just like life, with blogging if you spend too much time thinking about whats ahead, you'll never enjoy where you are right now.

Seasons of Change

Cardigan: Forever 21 $7
White Ruffle Long Sleeve Top: Old Navy $4
Jeans: PacSun $20
Boots: Frye gifted from Johnny
Necklace: Arrow gifted from Aunt

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