Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ladybugs

I would never describe my style with the word androgynous, and would never say that it has masculine undertones. In fact I am often told that I hold myself as if have stepped right out of the 50's, complete with poodle skirts, cardigans, high ponytails and fantastic saddle shoes. Maybe it's this idea of saddle shoes that made me feel like Oxford Flats would be a fantastic 'masculine' item to add to my wardrobe. After staring at images of gorgeous women for hours, all wearing different forms of the items hanging in my father's closet, I knew that it was time to make a purchase. I may not be ready just yet for suspenders, a top hat and a mustache, but by golly some fantastic shoes I could do. I made my first oxford purchase last spring with a fantastic pair of black Patent Leather shoes, and shortly followed that with my much stressed about purchase of a light pink pair. At first both pairs sat in the bottom of my closet, staring at me. I just couldn't figure out how to make them work. I woke up to rain one morning and knew, this was the perfect oxford outfit day. I haven't been able to take both pairs off since. They are perfect with pants, adorable with skirts and they keep my feet wonderfully dry. The closer we get to snow covered streets, the more I find myself resisting adding to now growing Oxford Collection. Instead of just scooping up every new pair I find, I'll be keeping my eyes open for fun vintage finds this holiday season.

The last pair aren't just in my Oxford Wish List, they are actually on their way to me now! I was checking out with some Christmas Gifts online at Kohls.com when I spotted these beauties in the Clearance section. ( And by 'spotted' I mean I searched through the entire shoes section) The vintage shoe options will be thicker for colder weather, but these $7 shoes will be the perfect Holiday Party Flat! Plus with an online coupon I ended up spending $5 on these total!

And if you are looking for some Oxford Inspiration, you must follow Clare's blog. Her shoe choices always excite me, and I have filled my oxford inspiration folder with images of her!!


Jamie said...

What a great selection of oxfords! I especially love the glossy pair!

I actually just picked up a pair of cognac colored oxfords for myself (Steven by Steven Madden, Melanee). At first, I didn't think they would work with my style, but they were too cute to resist. And they were $35, as opposed to the retail of $100!

I will definitely be checking out Clare's blog. Thanks for the tip!

gingerSnap said...

great oxfords! Thanks for the tip.