Friday, October 22, 2010

Peeking Pink


This thing I have for strips seems to have taken over my closet. I've done a better job of restraining myself in the last few months, but every time I walk into a store I immediately run to the stripped options. I then carry the shirt around with me until I get to the register, at which point I remember that I already have 4 long sleeve various color stripped shirts hanging in my closet and these need to be put back. Something went terribly wrong when it came time to put this shirt back however. Just as the shopping angel on my left shoulder was reminding me of my other stripped shirt options at home, the shopping devil on my right shut her up real quick with an upper left cut jab and advised me to run to the register before she re-gained consciousness. Don't worry, I of course punished my little shopping devil by forcing him to sweep under by cabinets. Small shoulder size shopping companions are good for these chores.
Picnik collage1
I should be honest. It didn't matter how many other similar style shirts I had, this one had to come home with me. Made of 100% cotton, and with extra long sleeves, this shirt is comfortable. Almost to comfortable. I added the vest, and a pretty necklace hoping to up the fancy factor of the whole look. I must be honest, I didn't care about the fancy factor so much, I love this shirt. Nothing can come between a girl and her love.
I have a collection of cami's that I started collecting during my retail employment days. They now act as my first layer, and I wear them under absolutely everything. I can't even imagine wearing a shirt directly over my undergarments after so many years of adding a cami between. Interestingly enough, I own one nude cami, and two white ones. I really should invest in piles of simple nude cami's, but the teenager in me is still not ready to let go of my colors. Instead I pile my clothes on top of brightly colored under layers, and occasionally they peek through. In this case I didn't mind the little peek of pink. Possibly it even added that extra bit of fancy I was looking for.

Stripped Shirt: Faded Glory via Peter Harris $10
Gray Vest: Kmart $5
Pink Cami: Weathervane $6
Black Pants: Hand me Down from a fantastic friend
Black Oxford Shoes: Kmart $15
Feather Necklace: Charlotte Russe $4.50

( P.S. Thank you Clare for giving me some advice to figure out my problems! I used your suggestion and now am much happier with the quality of photo. Not only is she great with blog photo advice, but her outfits are always amazing. If you aren't familiar with her blog, check it out! She may be the inspiration behind these Oxford Shoes!)

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Jilliebeanie said...

Really like the striped shirt.

Been meaning to see what KMart has to offer this season, but haven't made it there yet. They clothing selection has improved SO much over the last couple of years.