Monday, August 30, 2010

Definition of Style

When I first starting blogging, I did so in hopes of finding out just who I was through my clothes. I originally stumbled on a fashion blog through random link, and found hours missing as I read every entry, and took in every word. There were girls out there who also seemed to be learning about themselves through clothes. I started on this quest to discover my style by following one blog at a time, and eventually from writing one post at a time. At first I dove head-first into challenge type dressing. I loved to set goals for each week, ( each day dress like a character from clue, wear each color for a week) and found this as an amazing exercise in stretching my closet. After that I jumped head first into Color and Pattern experiments, mostly thanks to the amazing ladies at Academichic. I loved educating myself on my style through other bloggers, but I couldn't help wondering when I would feel my own style seeping through.
When asked to describe my personal style in three words, I could come up with none. Each month the answer would change, and I was never confident in my responses. I would find myself falling for a trend, only to find myself falling out of it just as fast. Being a thrifty shopper meant I was able to afford trying on different looks, but that made it even harder to sort through my options. I started to feel as though my style was to not have a specific style, and that was quite alright with me.

I spotted these shoes on the Payless website and was immediately smitten. I had been attempting to try on the Oxford Shoe for awhile, but had yet to find a good match for me. I loved these shoes on the website, and loved them even more once I slipped these on my feet in store. They were comfortable, they were cute and they felt right on my feet. Than I looked in the mirror. The pink I found so amazing and subtle suddenly looked a bit orthopedic. I put the shoes back in the box and quickly walked out of the store. Clearly these shoes were not the end all be all of my Oxford attempts. These shoes spent weeks dancing through the back of my head, and I was sure that maybe it was worse than I made it out to be. I went back to visit the shoes again, returning them back to the shelves and shaking my head, still old lady, still not right for me.

I just couldn't shake the feeling that these shoes were right for me however. They just seemed to fit, and in more than just a shoe sizing way. Finally after 3 months of agonizing, I walked into the store and walked out with my Pink Alice & Olivia Oxford Shoes in hand. I didn't care what the mirror told me, these shoes felt right and I couldn't deny that fact. Their first trip with me to work resulted in my boss asking why I was wearing bowling shoes. I told him they were my orthopedic shoes, and he quickly shut his mouth. Poor guy even believed me for a minute or to. At the end of the day these shoes were what I wanted.

I think these shoes have become a bit of the answer to the question I had decided had no answer. The style I have is the, Just Feels Right. You can't wear anything well, unless whats underneath it is confidence. I am most happy when I wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it. Today it may be Pink Oxfords, lace and skirts and tomorrow it maybe be Band Tees and Jeans. Finding one's style is finding ones favorite place of clothing comfort. Getting dressed shouldn't be a challenge, and it certainly shouldn't hurt. For me, getting dressed should Just Feel Right.
White Shirt: Walmart $5
Necklace: Grandma Forever 21 $5.00
Skirt: Used to be Pants
Belt: Peach Ribbon from another shirt
Shoes: Alice and Olivia for Payless $30

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i love love LOVE your shoes!