Friday, October 15, 2010


When it comes to my style, I love all things girly. Lace, Ruffles, tiny details, I love them all. I've embraced that the fashion world seems to be leaning towards these concepts as well in the last year or so, and have taken the opportunity to stock up on all things mentioned above. Next season, lace may be out and grunge may be in, but I will always choose to be swaddled in warm feminine details. I am glad to have found some companies however, who seem to be embracing the same philosophies, Anthropology being one of the top runners. All of their items just seem to fit right into my aesthetic. The price however, doesn't agree with my budget. I know there are the opportunities to get some great items at lower costs, but for now I think I'll stick to by Anthropology like items.
It seems the Merona by Target line seems to be agreeing with my thoughts. I can always find great things at Target, but lately it seems like most of their items are making me swoon, and their prices are making me rush to the register! When I spotted this sweater on the Clearance Rack, I knew I couldn't put it back. Lavender? Amazing Willow Tree Branch Details? Apparently the people at Merona have been reading my blog, and they know just how to get me.
Along with my cardigan, this sheer tank top is making it's first appearance on the blog. It was in a bag full of goodies from a dear friend a few weeks ago. It actually is made of a sheer fabric in every other strip, so I decided to pair it with a purple tank top. Nothing to crazy. This cardigan has enough to say on its own. Who is my Amazing Sheer Tank to try and compete?
Lavender Cardigan: Merona by Target $5 ( debut on blog)
Sheer White Tank Top: Hand-me-Up from a friend ( debut on blog)
Necklace: Lia Sophia $30
Purple Tank Top: Weathervane - a million years old
Jeans: Seven via Marshall's $20
Brown Shoes: Walmart $7


Lady Cardigan said...

I love your outfit, very clever, and I also love the cardigan! A great find at that price.

Lori said...

That sweater is great! I totally would have pegged it as anthro!


Pamela said...

Simply mixing that cardigan pattern and the stripe tank top make this outfit stand out. The cardi is so cute! and Merona has really been cranking out some great pieces that rival looks of not only anthro but JCrew as well. and for a lot better price :)