Friday, October 15, 2010

Internal Style Check Up

I am excited to share my first post of this new feature with you! You can see in the below post about the history of this feature. Have style isn't just about what clothing you wear, it's a whole body sort of thing! The better we feel, the better we look, the better we look the better we feel! Everyone is welcome to join me in this feature by posting your answers in the comment section below or by spreading the news about whole self awareness and doing a blog post! If you do post it on your blog, be sure and link it in the comments here so I can see everyone's answers!

1. I'm most proud of myself for ______________ last week. Getting my butt in gear! I've wanted to make some work-out changes for awhile ( as in I wanted to start working-out, I'm a bit lazy) and this week I actually did! I few nights on the Wii Fit, Zumba class on Thursday and a fantastic night of Just Dance 2 on the Wii. I just need to get moving more, and I'm proud of myself for incorporating it into my routine.

2. The best thing to come out of my oven last week was ____________. A quick lunch meal of Sausage, Pasta and Sauce! I spent more time this week adding to my recipe collection, than actually cooking. I did prepare all of the necessary items for a fantastic lunch however, and than pieced it together at the office. I'm continually working on eating better during my 9-5.

3. I sweat the most last week when I ___________. It's a tie between Zumba and Just Dance 2. I've been taking Zumba for about 9 months now, and I can't get enough! I would take it every night if I could find somewhere that offered it. Sometimes I spend more time laughing than moving, and that's half of the fun. Just Dance 2 for the Wii came out this week so the Sister-in-law-kind-of-ish and I got together for an impromptu session. We got our butts moving for about 45 minutes, and I was sweating. The soundtrack is out of this world however, and I almost forgot we were getting a great work-out to!

4. One thing I did for myself last week was ____________. My sad response is that I am having a hard time answering this! I would say the best thing I did for myself this week was to plan things for me for next week. I spent a lot of time recipe searching, cleaning out some cobwebs in my head, and sleeping. I've been sick so taking care of my health was the most important.

5. The nicest Compliment I received or gave last week was _____________. A good friend asked me if I would go shopping with her. She was looking to change up her style and wanted my help in finding some new items. It was the nicest compliment I could have received. It's nice that she wanted my opinion, but it's even nicer that she trusts mine. Talking about clothes is common in the blogging community, but not as common in my 'non-blogging' life. It was a great night, and it was nice to know that she considers me style opinion worthy!

See you next Friday, for our next Internal Style Check- Up!


Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

What a great idea!
Internal beauty is definitely most important!

Just found you through Ginger Girl!

Heather said...

That's great that you're exercising! I find that is one of the hardest things for me to actually do. My Wii just kinda sits sad. :(
I'm not surprised you had a friend ask you to help her shop- you have such a knack for what looks good and you look so put-together! :)

Kayla said...

Thanks so much Heather!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

How's the Zumba? I've heard tons about it but I think I'm too uncoordinated to participate. Do you think it is doable for the klutzy? ;o)

Cindy said...

I tried Zumba once and was completely self-conscious even though I was just doing it to a DVD in the living room with my boyfriend. We definitely do NOT have the latin groove thing going on lol. But it's awesome that you're keeping up with exercising! If you wanted to be able to do it every day at flexible times I would recommend getting the DVDs.

Great feature, and I think I will try to attempt to answer questions next week! (:

Kayla said...

Zumba has changed my life! I take a claas with a friend and we love it. Its fun, and taking it with other ladies is great. Its some latin, some radio hits and a whole lot of fun!!

Kayla said...
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