Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking the Rules

I know, I know. Yes I broke the golden rule and I put up the Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving. I know some of you are out there reading this thinking I am crazy, but the truth is I am busy! Almost every weekend in December is booked with parties and events, so I had to take the opportunity of the day off to put up the decorations. I tend to be a cheerful person all year long, but I so look forward to the month when the whole world seems to join me. Until you step foot in the mall, those people are not so cheerful.

The rest of the world doesn't know that I've decorated the house and hung the stockings, they just know that I've shown up today in clothes, which meant I couldn't let my fashion reflect my house, completely. This jacket is everything perfect for the season. It has ruffles, and fits great. It has a great plaid pattern that's both subtle and festive. This jacket will get use through-out the year, and yet somehow standing next to the tree this item yelled, " Christmas time!" I think it may be the lights behind and not the jacket itself.

I read a fashion blogger recently declare that she had over-dosed on tights, and I am right there with her. Suddenly I wake up in the morning unable to put on anything but jeans. My work pants don't seem to fit right, and tights just aren't optional. My feet are tired of being contained and my legs don't want to sit lady-like at work anymore. They want to sit cross legged, and roam free under my desk which means for the meantime skirts are out. Jeans are acceptable at work because our casual dress-code and I love trying to make my jeans meeting appropriate. Somehow, jeans can seem stronger to me when paired with a great top. They have a statement to make and it isn't always one of tee-shirt and sweatshirt comfort. Maybe jeans and a great jacket are slowly becoming the next power suit. Maybe the work jeans rules are changing, just like the rules about putting your Christmas tree up to early.
Jacket: Charlotte Russe $6
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Maurices $5
Jeans: Seven via Marshalls $20
Heels: Target new via Goodwill $10


Kyla said...

That jacket is super awesome!

Clare said...

That jacket is the perfect festive touch. Happy holidays!

Meli22 said...

very cute outfit as always! Love the l/s shirt with a s/s jacket. I have yet to try expirimenting with the look, but you make me want to do it! I doesn't look 'off', just good on you! I am afraid of it.

I can't believe you put your tree up, but I do love christmas trees, and it must be nice to enjoy it longer!

btw you love maurices like I do- want to enter in my giveaway of a $20 gift card??


Kayla said...

It's funny you say that because I will soon be posting a similar giveaway! Long sleeve shirts under short sleeve jackets make sense, if you would wear a long sleeve by itself why not give it a little extra umph?

Tina said...

So much fun! I love the jacket, esp over long sleeves like that.