Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DIY Sweater Update

Living in a cold weather state, I have accumulated lots of random sweaters. Most years I got threw my stack of un-worn items and donate them to local Goodwill's and Salvation Army. This year was no different. I purchased this sweater from Wal-mart last year for $1, but found it to be just too plain and didn't wear it much. It's loose fitting which makes it a great layering item, but awfully boring. To help make the sweater a bit more interesting I decided to dig into my sewing box and see what I could do.
Necessary Materials:
Any sweater you want to add a little bit of interest to
A needle
Thread to match your sweater
Random Buttons of any shape or size!

To add these accents I decided to make a button flower. I pulled 6 buttons of different colors and sizes, and some thread to match the sweater. From there it was just deciding on placement, and than sewing them on!

The project took about 5 minutes total. The buttons can be placed anywhere, in any way so it is a great project to really let your creative juices flow! The best part about this look is that if I decide to don't like the buttons later, a little seam ripping and the sweater is as good as new!

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ms. Givens said...

Great idea. I am the one who goes to Goodwill and looks for your sweaters. He He.