Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation Part II

The weather was perfect every day we were on vacation. Usually it rains at least one night, and while our first day there they predicted thunderstorms all week, instead we had lots of sun and perfectly cool evenings. I was glad, because not only would it allow for much better tanning weather, but also because it meant I could finally wear this sundress! I picked this dress up at Kmart a few months ago when I scored the deals of the century, ( I needed the extra item to be able to use my gift card, and I knew this dress would be perfect for Ocean City. I try to avoid dresses with sleeves, especially sleeves like this. At first I feared that it would make me look broad, but instead the embroidery balanced it out and made it very feminine. The cotton fabric was so comfortable and made it a perfect mini-golf outfit.

This was absolutely my favorite outfit from the trip. What was ironic was that this outfit was completely unplanned. This was the night before we were leaving and I was almost out of clean clothes. Not only that but I woke up so sick that morning that I spent my day napping on the beach and taking Advil Cold. I was so sick in this picture I was sure my head was going to fall right off. I was really proud of myself for putting this outfit together so last minute. When you travel you only have a limited selection, and while I do pre-plan my outfits like you should, I was 1 outfit short. I didn't mean to pack the coordinating shoes and cardigan at first, and had never thought of putting the purple shirt with the blue cardigan. In the end it was perfect. I owe a lot of my dressing creativity to joining the fashion world blog, and this outfit was no different. A year ago I never would have naturally paired these colors together, but with some lessons from and the willingness to try new combinations, I'm surprised by how easily I have put different items together. The medicine got me threw and we enjoyed a perfect Irish dinner to complete the trip.
Until next time Ocean City....

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