Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deals of the Century

A few months ago, while reading my latest Lucky magazine I saw a little tiny advertisement in the corner from Kmart stating that if you send in you're receipt showing $50 or more spent in their stores, they would send you a $25 gift card. I had just that week done my flat shoe shopping at Kmart. A few weeks ago, Kmart sent me a $5 gift card explaining that I was too late to get the $25 ones, so this was a consolation prize. They also sent me a coupon for $10 off of $50. I must be honest, on my last Kmart trip I saw this skirt that I was on the fence on, and knew that I would purchase it with a gift card, but not on my own free will. I decided yesterday to stop by the store and see what they had to use my gift card on. Boy what great stuff I found! And that skirt I was talking about? There were only 2 left on the clearance rack, and 1 was in my size! Fate is you ask me. I made out with 2 dresses and the skirt and spent only $35. It was good coupons and a little for tax and I was a happy shopper.
After my trip at Kmart I had to stop at the mall to have my phone fixed. On my way out the door was a Payless and I couldn't help but to poke me head in. I have a coupon of there's that has been sitting in my wallet for weeks now. In hopes of avoiding recession despair and to keep myself in the black I have made no personal purchases in weeks. All of my money has gone to bills, wedding presents, birthday presents and groceries. I figured with my coupon maybe I could snag a pair of sandals that would make me feel good with-out breaking the bank. Because I knew my Kmart coupon was expiring, I had already budgeted for $55 this week to be spent there. When all was said and done I had only spent $35 so I knew I still had a few dollars to play with. I decided to go shopping at the right time! They had just marked a ton of their styles down to clearance prices, ( or so the girl told me) and I kept finding pairs that I loved. I finally decided that having worked so much over time in the last few weeks I deserved more than 1 pair and so I headed to the register.
I bought 5 pairs of shoes. 5 pairs! That is unheard of and in truth while I don't need any more shoes, and have no where to put them all I just couldn't say no to theses sexy shoes. In the end my total bill was $32. That's right, $32 for 5 pairs of shoes!! I was pretty happy with that total, and the girl behind the counter wouldn't stop talking about how great I made out. It's her job and I appreciate it, but in the back of my head I couldn't silence the thoughts of, ' Gee I really don't need more shoes', ' Where in the world am I going to put these?', ' $32 probably could have bought me lunch for a few days'. The guilt wasn't strong, but the little angel on my shoulder couldn't help but make me think maybe I had gone too far. When I got home and laid these out for a photo I wondered how much these would have cost at full price. Payless leaves the price tags on ( you can see in the photo) so I grabbed a calculator and did a little math. $115 !!!! These shoes at full price would have cost $115 and I got them all for $32. That is over $80 in savings! As soon as I realized my savings the guilt was gone. I deserved these shoes, and who can deny that I made away like a bandit!! I emailed all of my friends as soon as I could, get to Payless! I can't say for sure that all of the payless' have put their shoes on clearance, but my timing was great this time around.


Christina said...

WOW!!! You really do have A LOT of shoes!

Kayla said...

There has never been a true-er statement.