Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vacation Part 1

Every year, I take a family vacation with my best friend and her mother and almost stepfather to Ocean City Maryland. It's just a tradition we started years ago, and she and I both agreed that this would likely be our last year. Luckily it was our best trip to date. The weather was perfect, the sun was shinning bright and all of our food choices were fantastic. I spent all day every day laying in the beach and swimming in the waves so a bathing suit became my only wardrobe. Each night after showers and a quick nap we would head out to dinner and that's where I got to stretch my fashion loving muscles.

The heat made dressing pretty simple. Something light and airy for our walks on the boardwalk and a cardigan to help block the restaurant air conditioner. After traveling all day last Thursday we only got to spend a little time on the beach, which meant my skin hadn't soaked up too much sun at that point. After a day in the sun often times I can swear that my skin gives off more heat than the sun produces and I try to keep my clothing light so I don't overheat during dinner. The first night was the one and only chance I had to wear my jeans. A fun shirt, a light cardigan and some great sandals later I was ready for dinner at one of our favorite places, J.R.'s BBQ.

The next night we had something a little different planned. Ocean City is a unique water town because it is actually a little island. One side of the island is the ocean while the other side boasts the bay, and much calmer water. The sun rises each morning over the ocean and sets each night over the bay. We had dinner at a great restaurant in which we got to sit right below the sunset. We ate right on a deck which gave us great views and allowed us to take some great photos. With dreams of capturing striking sunsets in mind, I knew that we would do our best to eat outside. This would mean no cardigan necessary and a light sundress would be the perfect choice. ( Last time I wore this dress was for one of Johnny' birthday celebrations. Than I paired it with a bright necklace, but this time I decided to play up my ever darkening tan and go with a black and silver long necklace. The view was amazing. The colors were so bright in the sky and they completely complimented my dress. Nothing is better than coordinating with the surrounding scenery.

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