Tuesday, August 25, 2009


While I was on vacation, Johnny did the same and headed to Long Island to spend a long weekend with his family. He had a great time and returned with not only a tan, but also their Christmas gift for me, an arrow necklace.
I fell in love instantly with the necklace and couldn't wait to display it. The back of the necklace has the word ' protection'. It is a great accessory to add to my collection, and I decided I wanted to wear it right away. This bracelet is also new. It displays images of various saints and kings and while the style isn't new and has been around for awhile, I have been on the look out for one of my own. I decided to pair them together, not only to play up the colors of the outfit, but to surround myself in protection and strength. I am a Christian but not a Catholic. Even still having a constant reminder of faith and strength kept me calm all day. It was a peaceful reminder of the bigger things in life.
I just love the necklace. I immediately brought it to my closet so I could contemplate what exactly to wear it with. I wanted to really play up the arrow and tried to decide how to best do that. I decided that it would make the most sense to dress as a current Pocahontas would dress. I know it sounds silly, but the protection of the arrow made me feel immediately like the most colorful of the Disney Princess'. My closet is lacking in brown's and I just can't wear a loan cloth to work so instead I decided to stick with earthy colors. I decided my khaki skort and lace brown Cami were a good place to start. Pocahontas wears a turquoise necklace with her leather outfit but I just couldn't make the turquoise work. Instead I decided to go with this deep red. It reminds me of wildflowers in the forest, and in the case of this outfit, red flowers on the dirt path. I kept it simple with my brown flats, but in the end I would call it a success. I loved displaying my new necklace and I loved dressing up, and keeping it casual at the same time. Being surrounded in a world of protection and strength I got through my day, and managed to look like a perfect forest scene while doing so.

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Work With What You've Got said...

Love the new necklace. I have one of those bracelets, but am on the hunt for a nicer version than my current one. I love them!~