Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stripes and Polka Dots

With my vacation coming up so quick last week, I had a lot of meetings planned for last Wednesday to help everyone be prepared for my departure. With so many meetings I wanted to look a bit more put together than normal. Even if my mind was running through lists of things I would need to get done both at work and at home before I left, I didn't want my outside appearance to reflect that. I'm a little torn on these pants still. They are a dark denim and I just love the length, but I question them every time I wear them. Maybe this length isn't right for my height, and maybe the dark denim comes off looking a little cheesy. Either way I can't dispute the comfort. My co-worker has admitted that he hates/fears Capri's on women period. He just thinks they all look like high waters. For this reason I respected his wishes and avoided shorter pants on days I knew he would be around. We have a great work environment at my office so I didn't mind doing so. Now with the heat creeping higher and higher in New York I had to tell him to face his fear of the Capri's! These pants are dressy and comfortable and I can't deny that any longer.
When the Tiffany Heart bracelet became big years ago, I liked them but knew it was never a look I could pull off. I have very tiny wrists and a big chunky bracelet like that would take up most of my arm. This find was a compromise for me. Thanks to Lia Sophia I was able to find this dainty bracelet that not only clips on to what ever link works best, making it a great fit for me, but the little heart on the end reminds me of it's chunky counterparts. When I ordered this bracelet, I didn't know it was from their little girl's jewelery selection. I was a little embarrassed at first, but not I love the little touch of elegant lady instead of the touch of little girl as I had at first feared.

These shoes just never get as much wear as they deserve. I picked these up at Pay less I couldn't resist the progression of lots of polka dots fading into the sporadic polka dots. It's not easy to see from here but they slowly trail off towards the back of the shoes which are completely white. They were $5. A great price, a great design and a great shoe find.

I figured since I was going to be sporting some polka dots on my feet, the best top option would be stripes! I know that most people would technically say that they are opposites, and therefore don't belong in the same outfit, but that is exactly why I put them together. With the plain pants in between I thought the two conflicting patterns would make for an interesting outfit. With the white and black to tie them together I knew that it would all work together.

Johnny doesn't follow my blog. He's welcome to of course, he just isn't much of a web surfer and I am not one of his visited sites. He does occasionally see my photos when he's going through my camera. He usually comments on how he doesn't understand why I stand bow legged, or jokes about how I take so many outfit photos. Yesterday he surprised me when he came across these photos and announced that he loved this outfit! From the beginning of our relationship he has always told me that he appreciates my style, and knows that I like dressing so for the most part he stays out of interfering with my personal touches ( except when it comes to cardigans. He hates my cardigans!) This is the first time he's ever mentioned a blog outfit when he sees a photos. He often compliments me in person but I was impressed by his photo compliment as well. It's always nice to feel like all of your efforts were worth it!


Clare said...

What a great look! I love it!!

Passion4Fashion said...

I really like this outfit on you. I think the pants are a great length and very flattering on you! The shoes are fun!

eednic said...

cute shoes!