Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secret Garden

I am ashamed to admit how easy this outfit was. The skirt does a lot of the work for the outfit so a few simple accessories and some great shoes and the outfit feels complete. I guess that's the advantage of a great print skirt. It takes some of the work out of getting dressed, I just have to be careful that it also doesn't take some of the excitement out of getting dressed too.
I knew the outfit didn't need much extra, but I wanted to wear this bracelet. I love that I can adjust the size depending on which link I hook it through. The circles look like they are of a snake-skin design. I like the little touch of whimsy, and the little extra details.
These shoes are a special pair. Originally these had a big yellow bow on them which I took right off. It wasn't that I didn't like the bow, they just seemed like too much. This is really the first time I've worn them since their re-model. There are still a few spots which I can tell are where the bow was originally, but no-one else seemed to notice. I liked the mustard yellow next to the green and browns. It made me think of a secret garden, sitting right in the middle of my office. And who doesn't enjoy a flower or two?

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