Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yellow Bow shoes

I purchased these shoes at Target a few months ago for $6. I loved their color, but I didn't love their bow. I was hoping it would grow on me and so I've worn them a few times since than. My concern though, is that the bows are just too big. I can't help but feel as though the bow sometimes shouts louder than the outfit itself. After some close examination however, I discovered that the bows were sewed on and held on by only 2 strings each. I simply cut the strings to see what was underneath.

I love the simplicity of the crossed straps and think that they will be much more flexible for my work wardrobe. I can even see myself wearing them much more willingly to church, and maybe some upcoming showers. I think a little clear polish where the bows were removed will help complete the shoes and make them looked a little polished. I kept the bows of course. Now that they are gone, I find myself almost feeling like the shoes are missing a little something, which is probably why the original company added the detail in the first place. I kept the bows just in case I change my mind. Maybe I'll even make some hair pieces from them. The yellow is an odd color to be so close to my hair, but I'll try anything once:) So what do you think? Keep the bows off the shoes or glue those puppies right back on??


Christina said...

Loooove the shoes. So cute!

JGeb said...

I love the shoes, they're very classic!

chic said...

Shoe love! I think I like them better without the big bow, though I agree that a smaller something-something might be in order. Maybe you could make some shoe clips ala Kimberly from Fab Finds Under $50?

- e.