Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best of Both Worlds

When I woke up, all I knew was that I wanted to wear my star wedges. The rest of the outfit just worked itself around that. When it comes to wedges, I find that cuffed jeans are the way to go for me. I like how the length of the jeans when cuffs accents the shoes, but doesn't down play the length of my actual legs which could make them look stubby.

I picked these shoes up from Wal-Mart about 7 years ago. They were on clearance for $3. This was way before I believed in high heels. In fact for many years I only wore flats, mostly because I hated being taller than everyone else in the room. Now I embrace high heels and wear them almost exclusively. I liked that these wedges were comfortable and still not to high, so I held my breathe paid the $3 and tried to walk in them once or twice. I thought at the time that they were a little rock star. Now 7 years later, I think they are a little Hannah Montana. I still love the shoes, but somehow in the last few years, younger girls have suddenly become more stylish which makes me big girl wedges seem a little Disney princess appropriate. I still wear them but the 3 times I mentioned my fear of them being too, ' Hannah Montana' everyone agreed. Especially Johnny. It won't stop me from wearing them of course, I just may need these shoes to lay low for another year or two until another tween phase has come and gone.

The shoes are a light denim fabric, so I wanted to add some color to my outfit and this mustard yellow shirt and a coral cardigan were an easy pairing. I must be honest a year ago I probably wouldn't have put these colors together but thanks to the ladies at, academichic, ( I've really experimented with a variety of different colors. Paired with the silver geometric necklace I think I was able to add both interest and color to a great pair of Miley Cyrus approved shoes.

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