Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 12: Jazz up a T-shirt and Jeans

Day 12: Jazz up T-shirt and Jeans

I saw the prompt for Day 12, Jazz up a T-shirt and Jeans and I knew that the timing couldn't have been better. Johnny and I were taking my brother to a baseball game and I'd need to dress it up a bit. As soon as something needs to be dressed up, I know exactly what to do... Add Lace!!!

Day 12: Jazz T-shirt and Jeans

I adore my Lace Sweater, and it was the perfect addition to my T-shirt and Jeans look. My company is a sponsor of our local minor league baseball team, the Tri-city Valley Cats. This week we were having an employee night at the field, and many of my co-workers ( bosses included!) were attending so I wanted to keep the look casual enough for a baseball game, and yet fancy enough for my co-workers.

Valley Cats

Troy is the city neighboring our lovely capital city of Albany. Troy is a city that is full of history, including being the birthplace of Uncle Sam. The fans of the Valley Cats are always so proud of both their town, and their home team and I love cheering right along with them.

Valley Cats

There is something just so quintessential summer about a great baseball game, and I'm glad we got one in before the season ended. Getting in a game in while wearing a lace sweater made everything a bit better.

Day 12: Jazz up T-shirt and Jeans

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Amy said...

I'm kind of crazy about that sweater. Doesn't lace always add the perfect touch?