Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop

Oh my favorite sort of outfit combination, Neutral tones with a Pop. This describes not only my outfit, but also my mood right now. With the threat of Hurricane Irene on the horizon, things here are getting serious. I would almost say it's like the calm before the storm as we throw ourselves into preparation, but it's that extra ' pop' of the unexpected that keeps hovering in the back of my head.

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop

Living in the Northeast, we handle Extreme Winter weather well. A blizzard threat comes through town, and we know exactly what to do and how to handle things. Talk of a hurricane however is a bit unusual for us. I'd like to hope that we'll experience a lot of rain and some intense wind, but the weather channel will lead you to believe Armageddon is upon us. I have often learned that the weather channel gives an accurate depiction of temperature, but their descriptions of anything further can sometimes be a bit dramatic. Friends from out of state have called me on a few occasions sounding frantic and concerned about my safety. " I just saw them talking about Albany on the Weather Channel. Are you guys safe? Are you okay? Oh my goodness it looked horrendous!" Each and every time my response is the same. " Things are fine it's just snowing here. Nothing we aren't used to and can't handle. What did they say? Why are you so worried?"

Day 13: Neutral with a Pop

I think that the Weather Channel likes to work with what they got, and likes to makes sure everyone understands how serious weather can be. Tornado's are no joke, Hurricanes are nothing to laugh at and Blizzards are serious business. That being said, not every event is the worst case scenario. Johnny thinks that were in for a heavy, windy storm, but after 30 minutes watching the weather channel I'm convinced that we will be swimming for higher ground by this time tomorrow. I've brought boxes up from the basement, stocked our shelves with non-perishable items, strapped down everything on the porch and placed candles in every room. I feel ready for whatever we are faced with, but I can't help but to hope that my preparation is much more than what we need. If not, we'll be lighting leather smelling candles in the living room, cranberry in the bedroom and vanilla in the kitchen, and that will add an extra pop to any neutral color outfit.

Day 13: Neutral witha  Pop


becoming teacher misty said...

I LOVE yellow with grey, so this is totally making me want to copy!!! I certainly hope you are over-prepared for Irene and that you are all safe and sound!

Saralyn said...

Skirt that used to be pants? You're talented!

Anonymous said...

have i mentioned that you're hot stuff missy? i mean look so effortlessly put together. always beautiful!
sooooo, did you do a tutorial on making pants into a skirt? i sew and love to refashion clothes...wondering how you did it!

glad your hatches are battoned down...just in case.

shopfreak said...

Love that belt, the goodwills here all sell belts for $5! Love the shoes too!

Fash Boulevard said...

this belt is beyond amazing. stunning. so happy i found your blog. i'm totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following. Thanks love. xoxo

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