Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 11: Wear a Dress

Day 11: Wear a Dress

I have an affinity for skirts. In fact I wear skirts about 5 days a week. I just never find pants to be as flattering, or as comfortable. Give me a skirt and a shirt and I can conquer the world. Hand me a dress however and I cower in a corner.

Day 11: Wear a Dress

It makes no sense. The only difference between a dress, and a skirt and a shirt is that the former is connected. Dresses just make me feel uncomfortable. As a tall girl ( I am 5'7) I am often paranoid about the length of my bottoms. When wearing skirts I know that the length of my clothing will never change, but when I'm wearing a dress, I spend all day being cautious about lifting my hands to high, and how I sit. Those are all things that can accidentally jack a skirt up to high.

Day 11: Wear a Dress

Dresses do have a place in my wardrobe. They are perfect for formal events, and for the more casual occasions like BBQs and family gatherings. For work however, I don't want to spend my day being fussy, so I leave the dresses at home. This is my only 'office ready' dress. When I wear skirts so often, taking on a challenge like wearing a dress shouldn't be so hard, but this one made me sweat a bit. The layering accessories challenge from day 7 however? That one I can't seem to get enough of.

Day 11: Wear a Dress


Tiffany said...

I totally understand what you mean about the length! I mean, I'm not tall by any stretch of the imagination. But I hate when I'm wearing a dress that is just long enough when I'm standing and then when I go sit at my desk, it creeps up to nearly indecent! Ugh. That's when I'm thankful that you can't see around my desk. =)

I think that pink dress looks beautiful on you!!

jenn said...

I just saw your blog via Freckles in April that title a "Benny and Joon" reference? Because if it is, you just made my day : ) Love that dress! It's a great color!

Jenn said...

I worry a lot about the lengths of my hemline all the time, primarily because I'm a teacher and don't want to give off the wrong impression. Oh, how I love your outfit today! Lace and leopard! Fantastic.

PlumFoolery said...

I love the shoes, leopard print is my favourite :-)

Saralyn said...

I really like the lace blouse layered underneath.