Thursday, July 07, 2011

Healthy Living: Working Out


Last year, at the peak of my illness I decided that it was time I did my best to take what matters I could into my own hands. I wanted to make myself feel the best that I could and the only way to do that was with diet, exercise and by making better choices. I've never been the sort of person who enjoys the gym ( too many people for my liking). To by honest, I lack a bit of motivation when it comes to working out and I could find just to many reasons not to drive to my local gym each week. I needed a bit more structure, so joining a class was the perfect fit. In January 2010 I convinced a friend to join me for a 12 week Zumba class and I haven't looked back since. I quickly fell in love with both the class and my instructor. Zumba was the perfect marriage of exercise and fun. I was sweating and laughing and I can't get enough. Zumba is a 'latin inspired dance work-out party' ( from the Zumba website). Our Instructor combines traditional latin songs and popular radio hits each week and I can't help but to look forward to shaking my butt each class.

I have to thank my Instructor for keeping my attention. It is very easy to loose both my attention and motivation when it comes to working out. Let's be honest, it's sweaty and exhausting and there are a million other things I'd rather be doing. When our 12 week class ended in March of 2010, my girlfriend and I joined the same Instructor for a different class that is on-going each week, and have since convinced other friends to join us, each who come in and quickly get hooked. Now I'm thinking about adding a second Zumba class to my routine each week, and possibly an Aqua Zumba class to my routine for the summer. Zumba didn't just show me that working out could be fun, but it made me feel comfortable with my body. Our class isn't full of skinny blonde women, but instead women ( and occassionally men) of all shapes, ages and sizes. We shake our butts, touch our boobs and prance around like we own the place. Zumba has made me feel empowered. The first few classes my girlfriends and I giggled to each other at how awkward it felt to be participating in such funny things. To be honest some of the moves are a bit reminiscent of moves I was doing in clubs in my early twenties, but at that time I was having fun with my girlfriends and trying to get attention from guys. Now I'm doing these moves alone in my own space in a gymnasium because an instructor is tell my feet to move just so, my arms to swing a bit like this and my hips to sway a bit to the side. The smile plastered on my face though? That's because I can feel the music in my soul. Zumba helped me learn to love working out, and it helped me to drop a few pounds. I look forward to my 60 minutes of un-winding and re-energizing each week. I joined Zumba to help get myself on a track to getting healthy, and I was able to get so much more. In the words of one of my favorite Zumba songs ( 'Shut it down' by Pitbull ft. Akon)

" Can't nothing Hold me Down, I'm gunna touch the sky "

** How amazing is my sister? **

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