Monday, July 11, 2011



I've always had a thing for words. I always loved learning new terms and definitions in school, and for a short period of time went by the nickname of 'Webster'. I'd like to think that my knowledge of words is still as vast as it once was, but the truth is the world of spell check seems to have gotten the best of me. There just isn't as much of a need for so many of my favorite big words anymore.

One word I still hold on to though, is Juxtaposition. According to, the definition is ' the act of putting close together, especially for comparison'. I remember my high school English teacher using this term to describe two different items, one black and one white, being next to each other. Even now all of these years later, whenever I am getting dressed and I incorporate two items that are so seemingly different, I often pat myself on the back for my use of juxtaposition, and then again for my use of the word 'juxtaposition'.


I don't tend to move outside of the box much when it comes to dressing for work, so even adding this subtle tye-dye tank made me feel like a bit of a rule breaker. Would anyone mention my crazy use of casual wear for work? They of course didn't, and I spent the day giggling at my tom foolery. Oh what a rebel I am.



eek said...

Those are some cool brogues!

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

My high school English teachers loved to use the word "juxtaposition" as well. I think this outfit is the perfect example of a successful pairing of dark and light colors. And how fun that you were able to wear a tie-dyed tank to work!

Belle de Couture said...

Cute shoes!


monster cakes said...

Love those darling oxfords. : )