Thursday, June 30, 2011

Never to Much

Too Much

It seems I forgot to mention that I also bought those amazing black heels in a beige color as well. Funny how I led you all to believe that I'm not some crazy shoeaholic. Very strange.

Beige Wide Double Strap Heels

Frankly I had missed the boat once on getting the original Seychelle version and I didn't want to loose out on another opportunity. Plus Target was running special in which you received free shipping with the purchase of $50, so it saved me money to purchase both pairs of heels in two different colors. Well at least that's the justification that I am using.

Too Much

Johnny and I have a dear friend that we worked with when he and I met 4 years ago. We try to met our friend out for dinner every few months, and I always look forward to our gatherings. I know it can sometimes be awkward for a person to go out with a couple for dinner, occasionally they can be left feeling a bit like a third wheel. It never seems to be that way with this amazing man. We can sit with him for hours over coffee or a meal and talk about every topic under the sun. We are always just together as three friends enjoying each other's company.

Too Much

Our dear friend is one of those amazing people who comes into your life, comes to the table with different life experiences than you, and allows you to learn so much from them. All three of us come from very diverse backgrounds, and believe in very different things, yet we can come together and discuss them in a very open forum. Sitting back and observing as Johnny and our friend dissected different components of various religions, cup of tea in hand, I felt comfortable. It wasn't about agreeing or disagreeing, or whose way was more right. It was about a great night, with good food, great friends and an amazing pair of heels, and you can never have to much of any of those things.

Too Much

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E said...

This is such a lovely look! Those jeans fit you perfectly! I love that top, too! And that's crazy that you were in Newport in the same time as I was! I really want to go back soon - what a lovely town.