Monday, June 13, 2011

1 Pair: 2 Ways (Issac Mizrahi for Target Loafers)

Brown and Gold Loafers

Issac Mizrahi for Target Loafers
Purchased 2009 at Goodwill for $6

I never thought about it before writing this post, but my relationship with these loafers started much like my newest relationship with my new Dolce Vita for Target Flats. About two summers ago I had spotted these loafers on the shelf at my local Target. I have always been a fan of Issac Mizrahi and often find myself quickly falling in loving with each of the pieces he creates for his line at Target. These shoes however I was not such a fan of. They were a bit to ' preppy' for me, and I just 'don't do gold'. Well, let me say I didn't do gold. The first time I say these I almost giggled at how unattractive they were. When I saw them a month later at my local Goodwill new with tags and for $6, I gave them a second chance. I still didn't love the Gold details, but I couldn't get past how comfortable these shoes were. I decided to take a chance on these beauties and it was a great decision. I have spent the last two summers living in these shoes. Where at first I couldn't stand the gold details, now I adore the simple circles and the letters. The tassels have seen better days, but I can't help to think of them now as showing their battle scars. Some times the best shoes friends, are the ones that require some time to grow on you.

Brown and Gold Loafers
Brown and Gold Loafers


Bad Joan said...

Love these loafers! Great find!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Can't decide which color I like better. Classy and comfortable at the same time! Love it!

Lorena said...

I seriously like your loafer. I wonder if target has them on lin.e...