Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect Breakfast Wear

Perfect Breakfast Wear
Perfect Breakfast Wear
When you ask Johnny to identify his Top 5 favorite weekend things, he would include on his list early morning breakfast. If you ask me, I would say sleeping in. We both would say that we love spending time together, so in the name of compromise, and for the sake of our mutual love of time spent together, he lets me sleep a little longer each weekend, and I agree to jump in the car and head to a local dinner with-in the first few moments of waking up each week. This weekly breakfast has become a bit of tradition round our house. I love our local diner, a little hole in the wall with fantastic food, where they know our names and have our drinks ready by the time we walk in the door. Sometimes Johnny and I sit and talk about life's mystery's over French Toast and eggs, and some mornings we sit in relative silence and just enjoy people watching over bagels and coffee. After our meal, we always head back home to get ready for the day, so I know that there is not much need to get 'pretty' before heading out. By now I've got the Perfect breakfast uniform down, a stripped cotton tee, my favorite Seven Jeans, a simple necklace and a comfortable pair of loafers. Most of the diner patrons come for the good food and the village gossip, not to scoop out everyone's fashion choices, and as far as I can tell, no-one seems to have noticed that I'm wearing the same components over and over again each weekend. Maybe this is simply proof that I haven't found the perfect breakfast uniform, we've found the perfect place to get breakfast and isn't that really what matters? Location, Location, Location.

Perfect Breakfast Wear

perfect Breakfast Wear


two birds said...

this is a perfect weekend outfit. i love your breakfast tradition, it sounds lovely!

Between Laundry Days said...

One of my favorite things ever is the diner that Joe and I used to go to every week. They knew our name, our order, and our attitudes, and I loved going there every weekend. It's been weird since he left Chicago to not go there all the time anymore.

And I totally identify with and love your diner outfit. PERFECT for a casual yummy breakfast with the one you love. :)

kimmie said...

I love going out for breakfast on the weekends! but husband doesn't :( so we usually just hang around at home.

Such a cute and simple weekend uniform. I need to add to my collection of striped shirts! :)

Jamie - Thrifty Threads said...

Such a perfect outfit to grab a quick bite. I love those loafers -- everything from the pebbled texture to the rich cognac leather just epitomizes laid back cool.

BF and I have a favorite diner, too! I love their roast turkey sandwiches..which I am happy to eat for lunch OR an early morning breakfast!

LyddieGal said...

I think your easy weekend look is cute, and stripes always make everything seem so much more put together - right?
plus, you weekend tradition sounds just lovely.

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