Sunday, June 05, 2011

1 Pair:2 Ways (Dolce Vita for Target Flats)

Dolce Vita for Target Flats

Dolce Vita for Target
Purchased at Goodwill Spring 2011

My love for affordable fashions would lead you to think that I scoop up all of the designer for Target fashions. For some reason however, I hardly ever make any purchases from the collaboration collections. When the Dolce Vita for Target collection collaboration came out this past winter however, my ears perked up a bit. Dolce Vita as a designer doesn't appeal to my personal tastes normally, and as a whole even the styles they put out for Target weren't really my style, but for some reason every time I stopped by my local Target I would find myself standing at the display staring at the various styles. The masculine undertones intrigued me, and the bold buckles and gold details excited me. Even as I write these words I have to say there should be no room in my wardrobe for these 'manly' feeling items. I just couldn't accept that though, something about this collection called to me. Soon however my Target sold out and I was left to stare at the various remaining items online. A few weeks ago, when wandering through Goodwill I found two pairs of Dolce Vita for Target shoes, both in my size, sitting on the rack, and both with the tags still on them. Occasionally Target gives their extra items to my local Goodwill, but these styles I had never seen in person. These flats were the perfect compromise. They still have the tougher edge, but can fit so easily into my 'girly' esthetic. (The other pair where not such a compromise and were instead identical to a pair of shoes that Johnny has, but I took their being at my Goodwill, in my size as a sign.) I let these shoes go the first time last winter and now months later I'm excited to watch my feminine style work with these excitingly harder shoes. Maybe there is a bad girl locked deep down inside of me after all.
Dolce Vita for Target Flats

Dolce Vita for Target Flats

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