Thursday, June 02, 2011

Flower Power

Siriano Heels

The older I get, the more I begin the appreciate the tradition and history of the city we live in. As a teenager I couldn't wait to get out of here, and now in my early 20's I find myself eagerly soaking up as much city history as I can. Albany was originally settled by a group of Dutch Settlers that had traveled up the Hudson River. In their honor each year, the city marks the beginning of Spring with an annual festival called Tulip Fest held in our version of Central Park. Just when the brown snow begins to disappear, city workers come in and fill seemingly every inch of downtown with bold, colorful, flowers. We weren't able to attend Tulips Fest this year, but the gorgeous flowers stay around for much longer than the festival.

Albany Flags Tulips

A few weeks ago, before heading out for a lovely dinner with Johnny I headed down to the park to take some photos. My preferred medium is always people, but I must admit I enjoyed taking a few moments to take some photos of some lovely landscape.

Tulip Collage 1
Tulip Collage 2

The only thing more lovely that those flowers, is these heels. The day after I got offered my job promotion, I stopped at my local Payless and purchased my very first pair of Christian Siriano heels. I have followed his career for years, and with each season I stop by the store and spend some time wandering up and down the aisles in his various styles. Despite visiting so many different shoes, I haven't yet made a purchase. I was almost afraid to make the wrong choice with my very first purchase, but with my new job, and the move into a big girl role in the Sales World, I knew I deserved a congratulations gift. It was time to pop my Christian Siriano Cherry.
Siriano Heels

Of course the morning after I bought these amazing heels ( on sale, and with a coupon of course! I may love these shoes but I still have my shopping rules!) my boss started the morning meeting by outlining my new dress code. All shoes must be flat, and close toe. Okay, so these heels will be my special occasion shoes. I'm not sad though. Shoes you buy to remember an important promotion are meant for great evenings like walks through rows of flowers and dinner with an amazing man.

Siriano Heels

Siriano Heels

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LyddieGal said...

between the flowers and the peep toes - it is a tough call!

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