Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharing Closets: Prom Style

Perette Gold Ring
I am not sure the sweet people at Claire's knew what they where getting when they sent us a few items to help my sister Perette accessorize for Prom. We spent hours swapping different items back and forth figuring out what worked best with her dress, and deciding what items I was going to be borrowing as soon as she got back from the dance! I am so impressed with the quality of the items from Claire's. If they could handle the hours of us pulling them on and off, tossing them back and forth and playing less then kind, they will not only hold up to a full night of dancing for Prom, but also take me from Weekend Festival to County Fair and back. I haven't shopped at a Claire's location in a number of years and I must admit they have certainly proven my thoughts from years ago wrong. They are much more than your little sisters store.

Perette Gold Ring
I know what your thinking, where does Perette get her 'exotic' beauty look from when Kayla looks so American Irish? Okay, so maybe you weren't thinking that, but I've spent years wondering just that. The answer of course is that she takes after my father's side of the family, while I resemble more of my mothers but just a few weeks ago a group of her girlfriends squealed that she and I, ' Like Oh My Gosh looked so much a like'. Perette and I turned to each other and giggled. Who us??
Gold Rings
I blame Perette's long curly dark hair ( and her uncanny resemblance to Mila Kunis) but she wears long earrings like it's her job. With the halter style of this dress, the earrings stopped at just the right length. I couldn't resist stealing, I mean borrowing the dimple knuckle ring while she choose the Gold Cluster Flower Ring. With the Flower ring and some dainty bangles brought her whole look together.

Butterfly Drop Earrings $9.50
Gold Flower Cluster Ring $10.50
Gold Bangle Bracelet $6.50

Kayla Pearl Necklace
I figure I'll leave the earring wearing to Perette and keep my Weekend look a bit simple. When it comes to Weekend Festivals, I just want to wear basics, and I want my accessories to reflect just that. With my borrowed Gold Knuckle Ring already on hand, I added a single strand of fake pearls and called it a day. Skinny Jeans, Oxford Shoes and Pearl Necklace? Oh I'm in Big Sister, Preppy Girl Heaven.
Pearl Necklace $10
Dimple Gold Knuckle Ring $9

Blue Button Down: Walmart $9
Belt: Charlotte Russe 3/$12
Jeans: Pac Sun $20
Oxford Shoes: Kmart $16

Kayla Weekend Wear


By Sara Romero said...

how nice to be able to experiment with items and play dress up. your sister is adorable and i think the dangling gold color earrings were the best choice


Style Journey said...

Your sister looks beautiful! I can see the resemblance between the 2 of you.

I can't find my oxfords! I am so jealous. I am going to have to go an an oxford finding spree and borrow your look. You look adorable.

Kayla said...

Thank You both! She is a little but of a diva, and I have no idea where she gets that from ;)