Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sharing Closets: Prom Style

Perette Brooch Bracelet
We tried the Classic Glove look, we experimented with the Gold Accessories and for the last part of our dress up party, Perette and I wanted to experiment with some classic looks. What is more classic than a single pearl necklace? The only thing these pictures are missing is a great looking partner in a stunning tux. For the record we tried to rent one, but they didn't have my size available. It wasn't for lack of effort though.
Picnik collage
I loved the variety that Claire's had to offer. With so many options, I'm still not sure what look she will choose for the big day but my votes all go for this amazing bracelet. I love that this bracelet appears to be a bunch of connected brooches, but by now you all know my feelings on all things that have a vintage look.

Single Strand Pearl Necklace $10
Vintage Gold Floral Toggle Bracelet $12.50

Brooch Bracelet
As soon as the Prom ends, I'll be adding this bracelet into my bag of tricks for my favorite kind of evening, Date Night. Johnny and I don't get many instances to throw on a fancy gowns and suits, but I love putting together my favorite separate, now including this bracelet, and heading out for a romantic dinner.
For Prom night, Perette will be filling her clutch with lipgloss, tickets and a cellphone. For Date night my clutch tends to be a but more weighed down. I never go far without my cellphone, lipstick, keys, Debit card and business cards for both Johnny and I. You never know when you can run into a potential business partner and so I always keep a few cards with contact information on hand for both Johnny and I. As far as paperwork goes for Prom night, I think tickets should be all that is necessary for Perette for the evening. I am impressed that this clutch could do the job for both light weight Prom Night, and a heavy duty Date Night.

Vintage looking Gold Floral Toggle Bracelet $12.50
Silver Clutch $14

Kayla Brooch Bracelet

Blue Loose Tie Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $5
Lace Shirt: Charlotte Russe $8
Beige Tank Top: Charlotte Russe $5
Jeans: Seven via Marshall's $20
Booties: Payless $22

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rebecca said...

That bracelet is so pretty! I love how it can cross over between fancy and casual!