Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sharing Closets: Prom Style

I am lucky enough to have 2 amazing sisters, and we happen to be lucky enough to be just about the same size. Give or take a few minor differences here and there, both of my sisters and I have spent years enjoying the perks of shopping from each others closets. My youngest sister Perette and I probably share the most in common in terms of personality. By this I mean we both have a flare for the dramatic, and for everything fashion. I've talked about my sisters a few times before here at Sequin Issues headquarters, and Claire's must have been paying attention because the amazing people over there contacted me about sending over some great items for Perette to choose from to help her accessorize for the biggest day of the year for every teenage girls
Perette was excited for the possibilities these items could bring to her prom dress, I was excited for the possibilities these items would also be bringing to my closet. Isn't that was sisters are for? Sharing?!

I must be honest, Claire's was my favorite shopping spot when I was a teenage girl, but now in my early twenties, I wasn't sure that much of what they had would be able to work for my business professional life. My original thoughts couldn't have been further away from the truth. Not only were there some items that I could work into my own wardrobe, Perette and I couldn't decide whose looks we enjoyed more in the end, hers or mine! We had so much fun mixing and matching with the accessories, that we spent a whole day Swapping and Accessorizing. Her Prom is this Friday, and in her honor (and in honor of the amazing people at Claire's for sending us so many great items to choose from!) this whole week Perette and I wanted to show you some of the looks she'll be choosing from for Friday, oh and most importantly, how I'll later steal the items and use them for myself. What are big sisters for anyways :)

Perette Black Bracelet

Perette Black Bracelet
Here is the official debut of Perette's amazing dress. I've decided to leave the details of the dress out because Prom dresses styles are so specific to region,but I will say this, it took weekends of hunting to find the perfect dress in a chain store on the damaged rack for under a $100. This dress needed a little love and the result is clear. There is nothing about this dress that needs to be changed. It is perfection on her!
Perette Black Bracelets
Did I mention that she has that same hint of drama as I? Oh and that apparently she will one day make an amazing model :) With a dress as elegant as this, we knew that she could pull of the classic look of gloves so well, and silver was a must. With elbow length gloves, a black clutch (for lipgloss and her tickets) and a set of dainty black bangles we knew that the dress would need nothing else. Keeping the accessories low, we let the halter and her hair to the talking up top. Oh and her gorgeous face of course.

Elbow Length Sliver Gloves $9.50
Black Bangles $9.50
Black Top Clasp Clutch $16

I won't be wearing a Red Carpet Dress any time soon, but my life is full of client meetings so while I'll be leaving the elbow length glove wearing to Perette, the Black Bangles will be a great addition to my Work Wardrobe. Nothing can make a girl feel fancy quite like a pair of dainty bracelets hanging from her wrists, and sometimes feeling fancy is the extra push a lady needs to get her through a 5 hour long meeting with everyones favorite clients.
Black Bracelets

Black Bangles $9.50
Black and Gold Diamond Shaped Ring $2.50

Triangle Skirt
For the record, I totally wish I was wearing a silky prom dress, but for now I'll share my sisters fancy bracelets, feel a bit pretty and pretend.

Black Ruffle Shirt: Walmart $2
Black Belt: Charlotte Russe 3/$12
Skirt: Thrifted $3
Heels: Burlington Coat Factory $12

Triangle Skirt

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LyddieGal said...

your sis looks amazing in her dress, i love that color!

and your thrifted skirt is fab, the print is so unique!

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