Monday, May 09, 2011

Ruffles and Lace ( 1:2)

Ruffles and Lace ( 1:2)
One of my favorite things about my old job title, was my ability to dress in casual attire.While I didn't choose jeans most days, knowing that I had them as an option was always a nice comfort. Suddenly I find myself working with business casual requirements, and while most of my closet easily fits into these new rules, the need for black pants each day seems much more confined and almost boring.
Ruffles and Lace ( 1:2)
I am eager to spend the next few months adjusting to my role, and pushing the style boundaries a bit. For now however, as I continue to settle in to a new schedule, and a new routine I am keeping it simple and safe. What I am really looking forward to is incorporating more skirts into my weekly outfits. The weather is starting to brighten up, and my skirt collection is itching to come out and play. Black pants can feel dull and boring and with piles of pretty skirts to choose from I know I soon have lots of options to work with. They are starting to make appearances here and there, and sooner than later this blog (and my life) will be full of skirts, bare legs and completely work appropriate attire.
Ruffles and Lace (1:2)

Ruffles and Lace (1:2)


By Sara Romero said...

i really love your hair and this white and purple combination. this is a very casual and chic look


LyddieGal said...

I agree, skirts and dresses are great alternatives to black pants - but there are lots of other pant options to explore in business casual as well. you dont have to be suck with just black!

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Elaine said...

interesting combo!! Would've never thought to pair the two together!

Jennyboo said...

I feel your pain! I find it so hard to dress for work occasions. Black pants get boring! But I love how you styled up your pair. Purple works very well with the white sweater.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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