Thursday, March 24, 2011

Denim Days ( 1:2 )

Denim Days ( 1:2)
I would like to take a quick moment to brag. This entire outfit cost me less than $32. Considering these shoes take up $20 of the $32 total, even I am left impressed with my skills. Those initials you see hanging on the wall behind me? We have a J ( for Johnny) and a K ( for Kayla) ( together they are JK, get it?) that craft project cost me a whopping $1.50 but we are not here to talk about my thrifty craft skills, we are here to discuss my outfit.

The adorable Kimmie at Blue Paper Lanterns recently wrote a post about her quest for the perfect denim shirt. She mentioned that her recent purchase was a reasonable find from Wal-mart. Here is my Wal-mart purchase, and it is the most amazing Denim shirt ever. In fact I am not even sure it's Denim. It's a soft material that feels much more like a thick cotton. I did buy it from the Miley Cyrus brand last Spring, but it seems every season she puts out a similar style shirt. It fits like a dream, it is so comfortable and it was the perfect pairing for my bold Purple Suede Heels. Who says never pair purple and blue together for fear of looking like a bruise?
Denim Days (1:2)
Oh right, they only say Purple and Blue only look like a Bruise when you add black. Thank goodness for these tights...wait. I was surprisingly comfortable for most of the day, but even still this will be my last day in tights this season. I am willing to risk frost bite on my legs to never have to wear tights again until next winter. I am desperate for Spring Weather! Come on sun! These heels are so much cuter with Toe Cleavage!!
Denim Days ( 1:2)

Denim Days ( 1:2)

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LyddieGal said...

I have no idea who says that, because I love purple and blue together. and way to save, what an awesome outfit for $32!