Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Window Shopping: Spring Colors

It didn't seem to matter which of my bagillion magazines I was catching up on this week, they all seemed to declare a similar theme for this Spring, Bold colors are in. It's no secret that I am a fan of a great color infused outfit, and I have often declared my love for the bold and bright. Currently, I'm still finding my inner-fashionista pulled in the direction of collecting Neutrals for the fast approaching warmer months, but I love the idea of getting some of great bright items to add to my mostly neutral based Spring Wardrobe.

Recently I answered a few fantastic questions about my thoughts on wearing colors, and it seems my color dressing inspirations, the Ladies at Academichic seem to be seeing the same articles that I have. This weekend they put together a fantastic post recapping some of their thoughts on dressing with colors, a sort of brief tutorial to how they make colors work together.

Let's do a bit of Window Shopping shall we?

I love the look that is created when Like Colors are brought together but kept separate by Neutral elements. In this case a Cream Blazer, and Dark Denim Leggings keep two items apart allowing them to both make their own statements, while still playing off of each other.
Forever 21- Blue Color Blocking

Is there anything more chic than a Monochromatic Look? It's simple on the eyes, it's the easiest way to play with patterns and the look is just so pretty.

Modcloth- Yellow Color
Don't those wedges look awfully familiar???

I am an avid fan of playing with Color Families. If two colors live near each other on the color wheel, they were made to work together. In this case Red, Pink, and Fuchsia. Really it's a match made in Color-Wheel Heaven.

What are your thoughts on Bold Colors for Spring?


Angie Aquarius said...

Aaaaw, this Rosette Back vest is gorgeous! Love it!

And the heels in the first row reminds me of a pair I bought last summer! The difference is that mine are black... but I still love them!

*From Munich With Love*

Jennyboo said...

Those mustard wedges are so dreamy. Desperately wanting a pair for Spring! xoxo

Meera said...

Looove these items! So tempted to shop after this post...
Gorgeous blog! Please check out/follow mine.


Jamie said...

Thanks for compiling this wonderful list of bright, bold pieces for spring! I am most definitely a fan of color, so I'll be sure to make sure it's prominent in my spring wardrobe. My favorite of these pieces is the Gold Coin Top. The goldenrod/daisy color is so pretty against the white collar.