Thursday, March 03, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways ( Blazer Love)

1:2 Blazer Love

As bloggers around the world started preaching the love for Blazers about this time last year, I started my drooling. Amazing ladies flooded the Everybody Everywear website with images of their perfect Blazer looks while my drooling continued. I must be honest, I did buy a Black Blazer from Charlotte Russe last spring but it didn't fit right. It was to long on my torso, and the buttons didn't hit me in a flattering way. It should have been the perfect Blazer, so instead of donating it and starting my search over, I let it sit in my closet only to be pulled out every few weeks for another dress-up attempt.
1:2 Blazer Love
This winter I seemed to have reached a new level of thinking about keeping items in my closet. For so long I lived in the , 'if it hasn't been worn in 9 months donate it' philosophy, but now I find myself taking the thinking a step further. If I have spent 6 months or more trying to figure out how to work it into my wardrobe, it needs to go regardless of it's amount of wear. This unfortunately means that some items that I really liked had to go, but sometimes the things we like the most, aren't the things that look the best on us.
1:2 Blazer Love
Each day, instead of fighting with pretty ill fitting clothes, I am enjoying reaching into my closet knowing that everything hanging looks as good on me as it does on the hanger. I finally let go of my Black Blazer, and with that I started my new search for a replacement. My local Goodwill houses a wall of Suit Jackets, but I have never found anything that didn't scream, far to big, and fat to 80's. This new friend peaked out at me from the pile a few weeks ago. With it's Ralph Lauren tag, and it's $6 price I knew I had finally found the perfect Black Blazer.
1:2 Blazer Love
The perfect Black Blazer, to go with my perfectly re mixable Black Suede Booties.
1:2 Blazer Love


Kasia said...

Great blog and you look fantastic!


Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I just love the perfect black blazer and what a great look on you! Love that you do a price breakdown too!

Liesl :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Your legs look a mile long, girl! I love this look - it is casual but so put together, classic and modern!

Kayla said...

They are a mile long, but we'll just keep that secret between us :)