Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The last few weeks at work have been exhausting, and I'm sorry to say that it shows in my photos today. I honestly didn't know how tired I was until I took these photos, and than proceeded to fall asleep sitting up on the couch. Even Gossip Girl wasn't enough to keep me awake. Have no fear though, when I did I awake I rewound and re-watched.
This jacket was a great find at Charlotte Russe. I've been keeping my eyes open for a boyfriend jacket, but I am such a tall person that they often hit me at an awkward length. This was on the longer end. The fabric is amazing, and the inner lining offers just a great hint of fun.

This sweater was another great Goodwill find at $4. It's Micheal Koors. I've been keeping them both in my closet waiting for a great chance to wear each of them, and decided this week to debut them together. I don't love the look in general, but I do love how to very different styles came together almost perfectly. I would consider this argyle sweater very preppy, while the jacket is a bit more rock and role. Pairing the two styles, as well as the brown and black worked surprisingly well together, and it kept me comfortable all day.

Jacket: Charlotte Russe $10
Sweater: Micheal Koors via Goodwill $4
Jeans: Seven via Marshalls$20
Shoes: Payless $14
Necklace: Payless $2
* Posting will be sporatic for the next few days due to the holiday, and some lacking Internet Service. I promise to be back with lots of great posts next week! And maybe even a giveaway or two!!*

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What a great sweater and such a great deal!!!