Friday, March 04, 2011

1 : 2 (Tie a Beige Ribbon)

1 : 2 Tie the Beige Ribbon
When I was a pre-teen, I discovered the power of S Club 7. It was a short lived television show on ABC Family ( which at the time was called Fox Family) that followed a band out of the UK, made up of 7 young adults, much like Spice Girls, but co-ed on their journey to reach American stardom. I'm not sure what it was that had me so infatuated with the show. Maybe it was the bright sandy beaches, or maybe it was the fun song and dance numbers they did each episode but I was hooked. I must have watched every episode of the show at least twice.
1 : 2 Tie a Beige Ribbonw
In one of their first episodes, the mean owner of the hotel where they perform made them wear horrid gray and yellow suits and perform 'Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the old Oak Tree'. ( Check out the video! I'm so excited I found it! ) I had never heard this song prior to the episode, but for some reason this specific song still sticks with me all these years later. Now, every time I reach for a fancy ribbon to wear in place of a belt I sing a bit of the S Club 7 version to myself. Luckily for me, my tights aversion seems to have carried over to my belt collection as well and I find my preferences each day lie in tying a perfectly pretty bow out of any ribbon I can find.
Tie a Beige Ribbon
It's sadly ironic that I wore these pants only a day after posting about my sudden desire to ditch all things unflattering. These khaki pants made their way into my wardrobe years ago when I worked for a company that supplied uniform shirts, and required khaki pants for all. They were an amazing find at the time and were great for every day wear. Since than I just bring them out every so often when I'm hoping the light khaki color can help spice things up. Judging by these pictures my loose fitting almost white pants won't be spicing anything up but my donation pile. Oh this closet over-haul has all the makings of an S Club 7 episode if I do say so myself...
1 : 2 Tie a Beige Ribbon

** I may or may not have spent a chunk of time watching S Club 7 videos on You Tube after finding the above video. I love the power of technology.


Mary Nevin said...

ahh s club 7!!! that used to be my favorite!! what a blast from the past!! :) love the outfit!! happy weekend!!

Petite Annabel said...

You look great and cute necklace btw! xx from Amsterdam :)

shealennon said...

LOL I remember S Club 7!! I love that necklace and the pretty ribbon belt!