Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a difference..

I would say that during the last winter, I was really coming into my own in terms of finding my personal style. By February of 2010, I had found not only what I liked to wear, but what worked for my body. I had purchased a great pair of black slouchy boots, that were a godsend last year. I wore those boots to the ground, and got so much use out of them, that when I found a pair of identical Brown Boots on sale last spring, I scooped them up. When my black pair had become such a pivotal part of my winter wardrobe, now the brown ones can as well next season. My winter uniform was set. Black Slouchy boots, Skirt, Cardigan and Layers of tights.

Picnik collage Boots
As we are hitting mid-February this winter, I am shocked to find my style so different. I can't seem to slide myself into tights for the life of me. Besides a few half-hearted attempts each week, my preference this season lies with Skinny denim and great fitting jeans. I can't get my feet out of my Minnetonka Moccasins and bold colored socks. Instead of my original love of cardigans I find myself getting more use out of my swinging open cardigans and my thick knits. I've enjoyed blogging for a number of reasons, but having the ability to document my ever changing personal style has been key. What is most amazing to me, is how my style is not just changing year over year, but also season over season.
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Suddenly that 'must have' purchase of those Brown boots seems silly. I have worn them out of the house once this year. I have so often stuck to buying up things I love at the end of the season when they become great deals. Than I pack them away to wait for the following year. Each season I swap out boxes so excited about all of my 'never worn' clothes. Looking back through this winter so far however, I find that most of the items I purchased last Spring anticipating their wear this winter, just haven't made their way into my wardrobe. Looks like I'll be saving money this spring, and waiting to make any purchase until the season starts.

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My go-to Winter 2010 Similar Items

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My go-to Winter 2011 Similar Items

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