Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's awkward and awesome Thursday! And today was just to awkward to pass up.
1. Calling your local post office to find out why you haven't gotten mail in 7 days. The awkward part is when they reply, " Because you refuse to shovel in front of your mailbox so we were forced to put you in Mail Jail." Um... what??
2. Streaming the Evolving Influence Fashion Blogging Conference live in your office, except the sound isn't working. Until the sound starts working suddenly and your speakers are turned up to loud. Um you didn't know that fashion blogging is totally relevant to what we do here each day co-workers?
3. Stepping into a wet puddle left on your floor from wet shoes, in your nice dry socks. Well in what used to be your nice dry socks.
4. Falling asleep to a Law and Order episode involving one missing girl, and waking up to the remainder of the episode which now includes a drug dealer, 2 older men and a dead girl. Wow that show moves fast.

1. Making time in everyone's busy schedule for dinner with the girls, 3 weeks in a row.
2. Finding the money in your budget to finally purchase all of those items in your shopping cart, and receiving an email mere moments before you make the purchase alerting you that you will now receive 10 free eyeshadow's with your next purchase. Super Awesome timing.
3. Finally picking up your mail after it spending 7 days in Mail Jail.
4. Leggings and socks under Maxi Skirts. It's not just awesome, it's genius.




Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahah mail jaiL!?!? that is soo funny!! thank goodness we shoveled the pathway for ours!! well by we, i mean husband!! ;) love your blog!!

i just did my first awkward and awesome post today!!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha I loved these!! My favorite is the mail jail.. super awesome :)

Stacey Sargent said...

Love your outfit. The socks/tights are a perfect touch!