Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspiration: Nautical Romantic Menswear

Most of my inspiration comes from blogs. There is something so attractive to me about an outfit that is put together by a wonderful lady out of what is already hanging in her closet. I also love being able to say, ' I have similar pieces and can create a similar look'. Every so often however, a lookbook will come along that leaves me daydreaming about the scenes and the style. When Starr posted about the Nygards Ana look book, that is exactly what happened. They are a Swedish Company whose images have me drooling, and day dreaming. I have had a difficult time actually accessing their website, but it isn't their clothes I want as much as that feeling. These images are a perfect combination of styles, and feelings that have got me Inspired lately.







The other day while browsing through my local Forever 21, I closed the dressing room curtain behind me to turn around and realize that I had given myself 8 different stripped shirts to try on. I picked out 8 different stripped shirts without even realizing it. Apparently the inspiration I found in these images stuck with me more than I had originally realized. Look at these girls though! How could it have not? I'm busy layering up and strapping on my snow boots while these ladies are soaking up the salty air and ocean breezes. Lucky Swedish Ladies.

Picnik collage


this free bird said...

I love this post. The nautical pics are down right dreamy. Good for you for curtaining yourself in at F21 with stripes. Beat those winter blues!!


Whoop it up! said...

those pictures are awesome !!! love it <3

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