Thursday, January 27, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways ( Leopard Love)

Leopard Love
When I originally bought these shoes, I was thinking of all of the fantastic outfits containing skirts these would work well with. For that very reason, I decided to start with pants. Sometimes the best way to become inspired is by forcing yourself out of the 'box'. Not to mention as the Northeast continues to be pounded by snow, there was something so sweet about having my pants cuffed to high off the ground to get wet. Nothing can ruin a day quiet like damp pants that result in damp socks. Cuffing my pants wasn't necessary, they were a great length as is but there is an amazing touch of whimsy that I think cuffing pants can bring to any look. Plus what an easy way to give a simple denim look a whole new 'style'.

Leopard Love
Sometimes after I put different items together I wonder, ' Why haven't I thought of this a million times before?'. This sweater, cardigan combo was one of those times. Normally I save my short-sleeve turtleneck sweater collection ( I have 2 of them to be exact) for warmer weather when I can wear them alone. Silly me. These are the perfect layering piece. Short Sleeves means my shoulders won't have to deal with excess bulk. Plus this particular Short Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater is Mustard Yellow. I believe that Mustard Yellow and Tan are distant cousins, and are therefore destined to be together. Enjoy the family reunion Tan Suede Wedges. Later this week I"ll force you to try another look, and along with it a whole different color family.
Leopard Love

Leopard Love


Feathers said...

I always thought leopard looked best with red accents, but I'm totally changing my mind after seeing this outfit. The yellow looks awesome!


Between Laundry Days said...

I love the combination of mustard and leopard!