Sunday, January 30, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways ( Booties Dance)

Booties Dance
Last year I wore tights and a skirt almost every day during the work week. This winter however I find myself preferring pants. Since we have a whole new staff since last winter, I think no-one in the office was prepared when I first come into work in the morning in tights. I entered the office at the same time as our accountant who was wearing a full snowsuit over his clothes. I knew that once I was in the office I would be perfectly comfortable in tights all day, so I planned ahead and wore snow boots to and from work.
Booties Dance
Everyone at work seemed to settle into the idea of tights in the winter quickly, and instead wanted to spend the rest of the day talking about my indoor alternative to snow boots. I like to take advantage of my shoe collection, and often can go weeks without wearing the same pair. Since starting the 1 Pair : 2 Ways feature I was eager to see if any of my co-workers would notice the shoe repeat. They didn't. Instead, they spent the whole day complimenting my boots as though they hadn't seen them the day before. Apparently when worn with tights these boots took on a whole new life. I often contemplate how funny it is when a friend or co-worker suddenly compliments and item of clothing that you have worn many times before. Is it something about the combination that strikes a chord with them? Have I unintentionally found an attentive day to walk by them? Are there some days in which our clothes speak more loudly than others?
Booties Dance

Booties Dance


Molly said...

Those booties are out of this world. So glad you protected them from the elements.
I find it funny when my hubby compliments a piece of clothing that's been in my closet longer than we've been together... he's not always SUPER observant!

Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

Kelley said...

I love your outfit. The boots are very cute too! It's amazing that you got it all so inexpensively.

Between Laundry Days said...

I adore the color combination of this outfit! So bright and cheery, telling winter to shove it.

Fashion Therapist said...

I love those booties! I'm definitely a tights girl. Not once have I worn pants at work unless you count jeans.

Louise said...

I love green and red together! You look so effortless. And gimme those amazing shoes! :-)