Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1 Pair : 2 Ways ( Tan Suede Wedges )

I am so excited to announce a new feature, 1 Pair : 2 Ways! It's no secret that I love my shoes. It is also no secret that I have over 100 pairs of shoes. ( Wait, you didn't know that? I probably should have kept that a secret) In an effort to keep the remixing from my closet going strong, each week I will showcase 1 pair of shoes. Besides giving the basic details of the shoes of the week, I will also be posting two different outfits that week using those shoes! I am excited to spend more time with each pair, and to really stretch the boundaries of dressing from the bottom up.

1 Pair : 2 Ways

1 Pair : 2 Ways

1 Pair : 2 Ways

Forever 21 $26.80
Purchased Winter 2011

Living in the an area of the United States which has already seen over 20 inches of snow this month, I am always on the look out for sensible snow walking shoes. I do understand that technically thick fur lined snow boots should be the practical way to dress in this weather, but practical isn't always very fun now is it? When I spotted Sydney wear her Suede Wedges, I knew that I had found the perfect shoe. ( Of course I've said that about all of my 99+ other pairs as well) Now I just needed to find my own pair. Enter Forever 21. Somehow this store is always right on point with what my little heart desires. Maybe it's because their store seems to go on forever, and each rack is packed with every similar looking item to anything you've ever found in a magazine, movie or television show. None of that seems to matter though when you magically spot the perfect Tan Suede Wedge staring back at you from the other side of the well lite shoe room. These shoes and I have already had quite the time playing dress up and I am so excited to show you just how I wore this Pair, 2 different ways!!

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