Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girl Crush

Occasionally, Johnny and I like to verbally declare out crushes out loud. Most often this declaration occurs mid-movie, or whenever we notice someone as I'm flipping through a magazine. I for instance have the biggest Man Crush on Natalie Portman. He, for instance agrees with my huge Girl Crush on Ryan Reynolds. Okay so maybe I am the only one declaring my Crushes out loud, but for the most part he agrees. The other night however as I announced, " I have the biggest most hugest ever girl crush on Morgan" he looked at me a little funny. " Who?" " Morgan. Only the cutest most honest blogger ever".

It's true. What started as an enjoyment of her blog has turned into a full fledge Crush. This girl is adorable, her outfits are always spot on, her tea looks amazing and her posts are full of honesty. In a world full of humor, and editing sometimes it's nice to read a blog from an honest lady you can completely understand. Even when life gets a little hard this girl shows up looking better than the day before. Her most recent Post on self-definition had me shaking my head in agreement and left me with deep contemplative thoughts running through my head all day.

If you haven't already, you must check out this amazing blog. You have been warned however, you will fall head over blog-reading heels for this girl.




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Morgan and Lua said...

Thank you so so much Kayla!! I am definitely blushing right now. The fact that people who don't "know" me are talking about me just blows my mind! That's one of the craziest things about all this blogging business. It's really just you and your computer, but you can be reaching so many people through it all. I'm glad that some of what I feel/write/think hits home for you. It's one of the cooler benefits of blogging.
Thank you for your kind & very appreciated words!!