Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Collection Completion

Collection Completion
It's amazing how much 'blogging' better I feel after having gotten all of that off my chest this week. It's like in a relationship when something irks you deep down inside. You keep your mouth shut about it because who likes a Nag right? Finally after months and months of you hating this one little thing it becomes this big monster that plagues you at night. Finally in a moment of lost control you turn to your significant other and scream, " I hate when you leave your socks in the middle of the kitchen floor!". They look at you all startled. " I had no idea. Not a problem, I"ll start putting them in the Laundry Room". It's at this point you stand there breathless and confused. Wait, it couldn't be that easy right? I freaked out so long in my head, and all I had to do was say it out-loud?
Collection Completion
That's the point of a blog isn't it? To say everything you are thinking outloud, be it clothing related or otherwise.

Speaking of clothing, ( that's probably why you came here isn't it?) My search for the perfect pair of shoes seems to never end. I love shoes, and I have for as long as I can remember but in terms of a collection, it just never seems complete. I am always searching for that pair that will fill a hole here, or a hole there. Much like the world famous game, Whack-a-Mole, when you fill one hole you will likely discover another you didn't even know you had. I was well aware of the Gray Heel hole however, and have spent no less than the last 6 months searching for the perfect pair. I finally broke down and ordered a $25 pair online. I waited the necessary 2 weeks for my shoes to arrive eager to incorporate them into my collection. When the box arrived, the Gray Shoes were missing. Apparently out of stock, the companies solution was to notify me after they had shipped the remainder of the order. There my bazillion and one outfit combinations sat, waiting for the perfect Gray Companions.
Collection Completion
On a recent trip to my favorite shop, the Goodwill, I spotted these sitting quietly on the shelf minding their own business. In my size, and for $5. Their condition was near perfect and I scooped these up and ran to the register, there would be no mistakes on this trip. I have barely taken these off my feet since their purchase. They are the most amazing height, and the perfect shade of gray. These shoes are the completion to my Collection. Well until I discover another hole anyways.
Collection Completion
Necklace: New York and Company $6
Gray Turtleneck: Walmart $3
Gray Heels: Anne Taylor via Goodwill $5
Gray Tights: Peter Harris $1.49
Denim Skirt: Target $4
Gray Ribbon: from another sweater


Elaine said...

ABSOLUTELY love this! Probably my fave from you! I think I need gray tights now!

Pamela said...

the entire look is so great. I simply cannot believe how great those heels are. what a score. Good things come to those who wait

Kayla said...

I've got to be honest, I am getting my money's worth with these tights! Gray apparently works with everything! I've hardly taken them off!

Jamie said...

I'm with Pamela -- Those Ann Taylor heels are truly amazing. I think they are the Perfect Pumps -- which are my favorite classic heels, by far. You definitely got a great deal on those!

And thank you so much for your frank and sincere post about Blogger Burnout. It definitely struck a chord with me as I have occasionally been battling the symptoms as well. But your post helped me to remember that I should approach blogging as a hobby, and not as a chore : )

Kayla said...

Jamie that is the perfect way to put it! It is a Hobby, not a Chore!